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What Should You Wear To A Mud Run?

Odds are, if you use social media, you’ve seen plenty of photos of your friends caked in mud at some sort of mud run. Those pictures are worth a thousand messy words in terms of how much, ridiculous fun you can have at a mud run, but it’s not that simple! You need to dress for success, and we want to help you get there. Here’s the answer to the common question: “what should I wear for a mud run?”

Keep It Light

When it comes to fabric, try to stay away from cotton. Cotton absorbs water and will weigh you down during the run. Mud likes to cling to cotton and that lead to some pretty uncomfortable situations like chaffing. Stick to lighter, less absorbent fabrics like spandex. Mud easily slides off synthetic materials and will allow you to stay light on your feet as you trudge your way to the finish line. 

Protect Yourself 

With the crawling and the jumping and… whatever else it takes to make it through a mud run, it’s pretty easy to get nicked up. Some mud runners take pride in their battle wounds, while others… not so much. If you’re looking to avoid cuts and scrapes, try to show as little skin as possible. Wear leggings to protect your knees and long sleeves to shield your elbows. If you’re worried about your ankles getting beat up, high socks tucked into your leggings make for good protection. (Because perfect protection is impossible, make sure you leave the suit of armor at home!) 

Keep Your Vision Clear

Mud runs can often have pretty big crowds and with all the mud on people’s faces, it’s not always easy to see each other. You want to make sure you can see other people even if they have trouble seeing you. If you have long hair, it’d be a good idea to pull it back and wear some type of headband that will secure any flyaways that could block your view. (We also love bondi bands!) For the folks that wear glasses, this is a good day to wear the contact lenses. If you lose your glasses in the mud there’s no guarantee you’ll find them. Remember here the goal is to keep your vision clear so you can navigate all of the pits and the people ahead! 


Your shoes from the start of the race to the end will be as different as night and day — you definitely don’t want to wear your favorite pair of sneakers — but you will want to wear shoes that are durable and supportive. As you’re running through the mud, you’ll shoes will hold onto some water and pick up a little weight. To avoid losing them in a mud pool, wrap a few layers duct tape around the soles of shoes. This will keep them securely on your feet as you race through the muddy obstacles. You will see people losing shoes and you’ll be thankful you wrapped yours! 

Leave The Good Stuff At Home

Jewelry, watches, necklaces, accessories, etc… keep anything of value far away from any mud run (or at least as far as you parked your car.)

GO ahead and immense yourself in the Muddy nirvana! Don’t be shy, you know you want to!!!